The condition of your indoor air plays a key role in the overall comfort you experience while inside your home in Lewisville, Texas. That’s one good reason to do everything you can to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Here are five steps to cleaner, purer indoor air through IAQ and HVAC technology:

Reduce Indoor Pollutant Concentration

Adequate ventilation can lower the concentration of contaminants inside your home. And today’s ventilator technology lets you remove stale, pollution-laden air while drawing in fresh, conditioned air. Energy recovery ventilators cool and dehumidify the incoming air in summer, and heat recovery ventilators warm and humidify it in winter, keeping you comfortable while reducing indoor contaminant levels.

Address Airborne Particulates

When it comes to the breathability of your indoor air, particulate matter matters. In fact, it can often be a serious matter. Smoke, dust, pollen and animal dander can be removed by using a portable air cleaner or filter.

Regulate Seasonal Humidity Levels

For better health and comfort, maintaining optimal relative humidity levels for the season is important if you hope to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Humidifiers can help you keep humidity between 30 and 40 percent in winter. In summer, your air conditioner or a dehumidifier can help you maintain a 40 to 50 percent relative humidity.

Minimize Allergens & Biological Contaminants

Using an air purifier to trap and zap bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and airborne allergens may help you prevent illness while minimizing allergy flareups and asthma attacks.

Provide Regular HVAC Maintenance

Changing your HVAC air filter monthly and scheduling a thorough maintenance check and tune-up for your system every spring and fall is another smart way to improve your home’s indoor air quality during the cooling and heating seasons.

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