Attic insulation is important for all homes. It’s a great way to decrease wear and tear on your HVAC system, translating into fewer repairs and replacements. Both older homes that have a lot of air leaks and newer homes, especially ones that have experienced roof leaks, will benefit. Insulating the attic in your Flower Mound, Texas, home can solve many problems and reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Expenses

A large portion of your home’s energy consumption comes from heating and cooling. By sealing your home with attic insulation, a barrier will protect your home from heat loss and gain. As a result, it’ll reduce your heating and cooling expenses considerably.

Decrease HVAC Wear and Tear

When warm or cool air escapes through the attic, the HVAC system has to worker to maintain your desired temperature. Wear and tear from overworked systems will eventually lead to costly HVAC repairs and replacements. With a properly insulated attic, the HVAC system can maintain your desired temperature without having to go into overtime mode. As a result, you’ll avoid costly repairs and premature replacements.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Dallas boasts some beautiful weather in spring and summer. But pollen counts tend to increase during both of these seasons. If your attic isn’t insulated, pollen and other airborne allergens are more likely to make their way into your home. As they accumulate, your indoor air quality worsens.

Even if your attic is already insulated, consider updating the insulation, especially if you suspect a water leak or other problems. Old insulation may invite pollutants in to your home. Replacing it will help you and your family enjoy a cleaner indoor environment.

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