Living in Plano, Texas, means you’ll enjoy hot summers and mild winters. Your HVAC unit is going to see plenty of action. Without proper maintenance, there are numerous consequences that may arise. Here’s a look at the top three consequences of foregoing HVAC maintenance:

High Levels of Energy Consumption

The efficiency of your HVAC unit will have a large impact on your utility bills. The more efficiently the unit is running, the less energy it’ll consume. That means your utility bill will be minimal when compared to a unit that lacks proper maintenance. In fact, some studies show a well-maintained system that’s installed properly can save you up to 30 percent on your utility expenses.

If you forego proper maintenance, you’ll reach deeper into your pocket to pay for your monthly heating and cooling bill. That’s why you should view HVAC maintenance as an investment rather than an expense.

Greater Risk of Equipment Failure

HVAC units without maintenance tend to require more repairs. The risk of a premature replacement also increases.

If you think maintenance expenses are costly, consider the cost of repairing and replacing certain components. Regular maintenance tends to cost up to four times less than what you’ll pay for corrective repairs due to improper care.

Worsened Indoor Air Quality

When you think of HVAC maintenance, you may not think of indoor air quality (IAQ). But in all actuality, foregoing this type of maintenance is a primary contributor to poor IAQ.

The Environmental Protection Agency has released findings from studies that outline the possible consequences of poor IAQ, which include headaches and even respiratory symptoms. With proper maintenance, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing all you can to improve the IAQ in your home.

To learn more about the consequences of foregoing HVAC maintenance and how to resolve HVAC issues, contact Metro Environmental Services today at 972-268-6922. We’re here to help maintain your HVAC system and improve your quality of life in your home.

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