When your HVAC system in Lewisville, Texas, breaks down, you may be tempted to try to fix it yourself. But beyond basic troubleshooting tasks, you’re usually much safer calling an HVAC professional. The very complexity that helps your HVAC equipment deliver convenient, consistent comfort can also cause a number of things to go wrong when you attempt to work on it without proper training. Here are five risks you run when you decide to try DIY HVAC repairs:

DIY HVAC Repairs Put Your Personal Safety at Risk

There are many safety risks you could face by attempting the job of a professional HVAC service technician. Those risks include:

  • Electrocution
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Carbon monoxide leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Falls
  • Fan blade injuries
  • Heatstroke
  • Frostbite

Each of the above potential mishaps can seriously compromise your safety. That makes do-it-yourself HVAC repairs hardly worth the risk. Calling a trained and licensed heating and cooling contractor will protect you and your family’s safety.

You Risk Seriously Damaging Your HVAC Equipment

Because your HVAC system and its control mechanisms are so intricate and complex, user-attempted fixes — which usually involve trial and error — are always a bad idea. Don’t take the chance of damaging your system further by attempting an inexperienced HVAC repair. Your local HVAC service technician has completed months of study and years of hands-on practice to perfect their trade. Let them handle the HVAC repair for you. Avoid damage and stay safe as a result.

You Risk Voiding Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you attempt an unauthorized consumer repair, any evidence the service technician finds of consumer-side equipment tampering will void your warranty. HVAC manufacturers — along with many other types of product manufacturers — are insistent about leaving the repairs to the professionals who know how to do them at minimal cost and with fewer complications.

You Have a Good Chance of Missing Signs of Serious Issues

HVAC service technicians are trained to recognize new issues that may be developing when they service your equipment. Whether they are handling routine maintenance — which should be completed on your heating and cooling system twice a year — or handling a repair, they know the signs to look for that indicate impending problems. By catching these issues before they develop, they can save you both money and headaches.

You Risk Losing More Money Than You Save

This is another key reason to resist the temptation to attempt a technical task for which you’re neither trained nor adequately prepared. Most homeowners who attempt do-it-yourself HVAC repairs do it to save money on repair costs by eliminating the cost of a service call. Yet, rarely do they consider how much more it could end up costing them in the end if they do further damage to the system.

Don’t make that mistake. Always think twice before attempting your own HVAC repairs. You’re much better off commissioning your local HVAC contractor to do a simple repair than compounding the problem and ending up paying more.

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