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Heater Maintenance & Heating Tune-Up

Heater maintenance and getting a heating tune-up can save you money over time. Just like any mechanical device, time and use will wear on parts. Most failures start small but left unattended, turn into major repairs or total system failure. That is why it is important to perform an semi-annual or annual heating tune-up and maintenance inspection. At Metro Environmental Services, our highly trained service and maintenance technicians perform a thorough examination of the entire heating system. We are looking for anything that could lead to larger issues and ensure everything your heating tune-up will extend the life of your unit.

Not only does heater maintenance provide a chance to find smaller issues, a well working heating system will save you money in both operational costs and repair costs. When a heating system is working at full capacity, it works more efficiently, which ultimately uses less energy. It also works less, so just by working at peak performance, the life of the system will be extended. Avoiding expensive heating system repair is something every homeowner wants.

Heater Maintenance & Heating Tune-Up Inspection

Metro Environmental Systems highly trained and experienced technicians will come out and perform a thorough inspection and tune-up. Here are just some of the items you can expect:

  • Check the blower components and adjust if needed
  • Inspect, clean and adjust the thermostat
  • Monitor air flow and adjust if needed
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Test to ensure your furnace is cycling correctly
  • Test and adjust the gas pressure
  • Clean and inspect the heat burners and exchanger
  • Inspect the flue draft
  • Check electrical connections
  • Test motors (voltage / amperage)
  • Ensure the ignition (pilot) system is working correctly
  • Test the safety mechanisms
  • Check and adjust the heat anticipator if needed

Call Metro Environmental Services today to schedule a heating system tune-up.