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About Us

Metro Environmental Services Co. is a family owned and operated heating & air conditioning company in Lewisville, Texas.  With over 117 years of combined experience, we’ve been providing our Residential and Commercial clients with personalized and professional Air Conditioning and Heating Service since 1988.

Part of our mission is to carefully listen, thoroughly evaluate, and offer the right solutions for your home and commercial air conditioning comfort needs.  We also take into consideration your desire for Air Conditioning and Heating energy saving options, reliable performance, while offering total customer satisfaction.

All employees must pass a background check and drug screen. Our AC technicians complete a minimum of 52 hours of additional training each year to ensure you receive the highest quality air conditioning service and/or AC installation Dallas-Fort worth. We are members of, and hold certifications from, the National Comfort Institute, and Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

We offer Air Conditioning and Heating service, AC repair, preventive maintenance programs, complete system evaluations, and quality replacement systems.

Honesty, integrity, professionalism, courtesy, and respect may seem like old fashioned values to some, but they are the core directives behind everything we do.

One of the most important roles of a responsible HVAC contractor is to diagnose and evaluate total system performance.

We recommend a total Air Conditioning and Heating system evaluation be performed by a Metro Environmental Services NCI certified technician who looks for and has the training and skill set necessary to identify the following problems and create solutions.

  • Improperly sized heating/cooling equipment
  • Improperly matched system components
  • Inadequate duct delivery systems
  • Leaking duct system and return air chases
  • Lack of or neglected maintenance
  • Improper setup of blower fan
  • Restrictive air filters
  • Improper refrigerant charge
  • Wrong or mixed refrigerant
  • Low capacity equipment
  • Improperly installed or malfunctioning expansion devices
  • Air or non-condensable gases in the refrigerant circuit
  • Improper clearances causing recirculation of condenser air
  • Restrictions in refrigerant circuit: kinked refrigerant tubing, plugged filter drier
  • Improperly installed replacement parts
  • Inadequate or out of calibration thermostat
  • Poor thermostat location
  • Unsafe or out of code conditions

A semi-annual ‘Clean and Check’ of your system will not find most of these problems.

Metro Environmental Services offers a thorough Air Conditioning and Heating System Performance Evaluation.  Following our analysis of your system we provide a detailed report to help you determine where your dollars would be best spent and inform you of the potential return on your investment.

Properly matched air conditioning systems are manufacturer designed to produce a specific number of BTU’s per hour at a known set of conditions.  When a Metro Environmental job is complete our installers collect up to 21 points of data from the system which they turn into our office along with job photos.  Job photos are reviewed and performance data is scored by our Service Manager.  All testing is performed to NCI standards and calculated using proprietary software developed specifically for Metro Environmental Services.  A system running with any of the above listed problems may appear to work properly but will fail our testing.

At Metro Environmental Services we Performance Test each installed HVAC system and verify it is delivering 90% or more of its factory rated capacity to the home.  If a HVAC system installed by us and per our recommendations fails to perform as designed we determine corrective action(s) and make the required changes at our cost.  To learn more about our Performance Guarantee contact our office at 972-245-1158

We don’t know of another company in this market that will or can make this promise. Contact Metro Environmental today, an air conditioner service company, here to meet your AC repair and maintenance needs for Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding cities.